10 Common Cat Myths Debunked: Setting The Facts About Cat Myths Straight

Common Cat Myths Debunked

You’ve probably heard that black cats bring bad luck or that cats steal the breath of human infants. These are clearly tales of fiction; however, several cat myths are absorbed by general consensus. Not only are these misconceptions false, but they can wreak mayhem on the general health and well-being of felines.

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Common Cat Myths Debunked.

You may end up stunned once you learn that a lot of the “myths” you have heard regarding cats aren’t really true. do not fall for these myths and misconceptions regarding cats. This list addresses the most common of these myths and states true facts regarding every misconception.

Black Cats Are Bad Luck

The persistent myths encompassing black cats are tied to superstitions surrounding witches, plagues, and pirates. The harmful effect of this seriously obsolete thinking is that these days, black cats suffer from so much lower adoption rates than cats of any other color; sadly, they’re often the last to be adopted and also the first to be euthanized.

Cats Can Steal The Breath Of A Baby

Of all the cat myths out there, this one borders on superstition, but it is a real concern for families with babies and small youngsters. the great news? it has been blown out of proportion, as Live Science confirms, however a lot of cats love to snuggle up and press against warm bodies—the basis of this myth. nonetheless, because many cats will curl up near their owner’s head, neck, or chest, it’s important to keep yours away from the kiddos during naptime and wait till your kid is older before you permit her to sleep within the same area.

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