10 Common Cat Myths Debunked: Setting The Facts About Cat Myths Straight

10 Common Cat Myths Debunked: Setting The Facts About Cat Myths Straight 1
Grumpy Cat

All Cats Hate Water

Most domestic moggies aren’t big fans of water, however, anyone who’s ever Googled cat videos will recognize that not all of them hate getting wet.

Scientists think the reason most cats hate water may well be as a result of cats’ coats don’t dry very quickly, which might leave them feeling pretty uncomfortable and probably cold. the burden of the water is additionally possible to weigh the usually-agile animal down, which means they can’t escape perceived danger as quickly. another reason is that cats’ original descendants evolved in desert areas, where the land is a baron and has little or no rain if any at all.

Some folks spray water at cats in an attempt to get them to stop doing something. Imagine how you’d feel if somebody suddenly sprayed water in your face and you should begin to know why cats don’t adore it.

If you do need to bathe your cat for medical reasons, use a little bit of positive encouragement like a favorite treat while gently introducing them to the water.

Cats Can Thrive On A Vegetarian Diet

Some people who choose a vegetarian style also subject their cats to a meatless diet. By and large, veterinarians disagree with this practice, because cats are obligate carnivores and need animal tissue, e.g. meat, to fulfill their dietary wants. the very fact is, cats don’t have a “moral sense” wherever it involves their nutritionary wants. Unless if you cat specifically tell you he wants to be a vegetarian, it’s virtuously wrong to try to force them into an unnatural diet to satisfy our own ethical convictions.


Cats Have Nine Lives… Do They Really Need Regular Check-Ups?

we can say without a doubt that cats have but one life to live. The “nine lives” story is simply a popular story that has been around for many years. Of course, cats have only one life. therefore, it’s necessary to schedule regular veterinary visits to make sure your cat has a long, healthy and happy life. going to the veterinarian should not solely be for when your cat is sick. Your cat needs annual health check-ups, vaccines, dental exams, and nutritional consultations… just like we do. you may conjointly think because of the nine lives story that cats may well be immune to rabies, however, this is often also a myth. Cats will carry rabies and should be vaccinated often according to local laws. Vaccinations are effective in keeping your cat clear of infection.


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