How To Choose The Right Food For Your Cat – Necessary Nutrients For Cats

How To Choose The Right Food For Your Cat

Choosing cat nutrition and the healthiest food for your cat can be tough. bringing home a kitten or cat from the animal shelter will evoke similar issues as bringing home a new baby from the hospital. what is the healthiest pet food to feed? What nutrients are most important? how can you choose a cat food that keeps your cat fit and healthy?

As cat owners, we all want to keep our pets as healthy as we are able to for as long as possible. Most people understand that feeding a top quality diet is one among the most effective ways to do that. However, finding the most effective food for your cat is often confusing. the alternatives appear endless and there’s no shortage of controversy and disagreement once it comes to debating how best to feed cats.

Necessary Nutrients For Cats

You are what you eat, and this is equally true for the cats that depend on us for “room and board.” Indeed, pet food is one among the foremost necessary expenses of feline guardianship, next to veterinary care. it’s necessary conjointly to notice that correct diet will eliminate or delay veterinary expense for a few serious medical conditions.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which implies that they rely on nutrients found only in animal products. Cats evolved as hunters that consume prey that contains high amounts of protein, moderate amounts of fat, and the smallest quantity of carbohydrates, and their diet still needs these general proportions these days. Cats also need more than a dozen alternative nutrients, together with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids.

Although your cat needs certain amounts of each specific nutrient to be healthy, more is not always better. this is often particularly true of vitamins and minerals, that the use of supplements is usually not necessary if you’re feeding a balanced and complete diet. Supplements are often harmful to your cat, and that they ought to never be given without a veterinarian’s approval. Cats ought to have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Choose The Right Food For Your Cat

Canned Food Or Kibble?

Many nutritionists agree that cats should get a variety of food, both dry and canned, for many reasons:

While dry food is convenient and might be left out for “free feeding,”

Canned food contains water, and many cats don’t drink water frequently

To ensure that your cat gets the proper quantity of nutrients. That “near-perfect” food you’ve got elite may well be adding too little (or too much) of pure minerals and vitamins.

Cats might get bored with the same food day in and day out, and simply quit eating. Face it, would you enjoy pizza morning, noon, and night, for years? You not only would get bored with your diet, but your health would suffer too.

To head off possible allergies to pure ingredients. Cats (like humans) develop allergies over a period of time. though the incidence of food allergies in cats is rare, cat owners would possibly want to err on the side of caution, significantly if their cats have shown evidence of allergies in the past.

To prevent “food addictions.” the whole Cat Journal, in its October 2001 issue, cites the case of a cat that was obsessed with a specific flavor of a particular brand of cat food, right down to a particular industrial plant and heap number! this sort of addiction is often tough to deal with when that last can is gone but can be easily avoided by feeding a variety of foods from the beginning.

This doesn’t mean that Fred should get a different food daily, however a spread of high-quality canned foods, supplemented with dry food for cats left alone all day, can add spice to his diet and keep him from becoming “Finicky Fred.”

Choosing The Healthiest Cat Food

Choosing the healthiest cat food might take time. assuming your cat’s veterinarian hasn’t found a major health issue affected by their food, create a cat meal plan that is simple and straightforward to follow. each canned and dry food offer complete nutrition.

If your cat does have a health issue, your vet will assist you to find the proper food to make sure she gets the proper nutrients to assist with health conditions, including issues with weight management, food allergies or intolerance, and kidney health.

Some pet parents prefer to feed one kind of food in the morning and another at night. for example, before you go to work, you will need to fill your cat’s bowl with dry food. Then when you go to bed at night, you’ll provide her a little plate of wet food. this sort of feeding schedule helps keep your cat’s weight in check whereas providing many nutrients for her general well-being.

Avoid Overfeeding

Cats love food just like you. The difference is that they don’t know to wait the twenty minutes to realize they’re full when the bowl’s empty. Your cat may, therefore, ask for more when she finishes her morning dry food or evening plate of wet. as much as you’d love a second or third helping, your jeans won’t fit if you don’t listen to your body.

By the same token, giving in to each meow can cause her to gain weight in no time. therefore keep an eye fixed on her waistline–a healthy cat ought to be lean and trim. you do not need to check ribs or bones protruding, but after you run your hands over her sides you ought to be able to feel many definitions. an overweight cat has rolls of fat on the abdomen, sides, and face, and tends to act lethargic aside from her usual naps.

Provide Enough Water

Due to their size and activity level, there’s a common misconception that cats don’t need loads of water. On the contrary, they must have plenty of water available at all times. Some cats are terribly finicky about their water supply, therefore keep your cat’s water bowl scrupulously clean and refill it daily. Remember, an automatically refilled tower is a big help for multi-cat households because it provides a constant, fresh supply, therefore, you do not get to tend to that as usual.

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