8 Best New Products for Dog Owners

Food and water bowls

Your dog will require water and food bowls, and there are numerous varieties to select from the pet specialty retailer. You can buy stainless steel or ceramic dishes, glass bowls or even plastic crocks. Each bowl has its cons and pros, and you should select one in accordance with your budget and requirements. The cheapest are crocks and plastic bowls. While most bowls can be easily cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher, it is common for plastic to host residue and bacteria especially in scratched and dented areas on the surface. Thus, if you opt for a plastic bowl, make sure that you select the strongest and always replace it when it starts wearing. Although stainless steel is expensive, they are inevitably the best choice.

The Lazy Jogger

We know people like to make fun of dogs in strollers, but there is a practical side to this. It’s a great way to get your puppy out into the world safely, for socialization and exposure, before he has had all his vaccines. It keeps him off the ground was all those germs are.

A Pet Cam

This interactive WiFi pet camera not only lets you watch your dog from an app on your phone, but it lets you listen to your dog, play with your dog via laser, and speak to your dog.

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