Here Are The Basic Guides On How To Groom A Dog

How To Groom A Dog

Bear in mind exactly like you maintain ones personal physical appearance to appear and experience healthy, your puppy needs personal attention and proper grooming to lead a good, balanced lifetime. Dogs need regular grooming, and this depends on the dog breed and the type of coat that they have. When pets are regularly groomed, they will look not only clean but also healthy, and in the process, this will save a lot of money rather than visiting a professional dog groomer.

Here Are The Basic Guides On How To Groom A Dog.

Keep the dog calm: Most dogs enjoy the comfort of being groomed however there are some that found it as a torturing experience. Be sure to make him calm by allowing him to smell something that he likes and other treats that may indulge him to be calm.

Dog grooming basics ensure that the coat of your dog is clean, nails are well trimmed and even ears are also fresh. This is done with the appropriate grooming tools and supplies that will also depend on the breed of the dogs. This will aid you in the process of grooming your pet quicker and easier.

Dog Brushing: Bristle brush is generally used while brushing the coat of your dog. But for dog breeds that have loose hair, a porcupine brush is suitable, while for dogs that have wavy or longer coat wire pin brush can be used and the slicker brush works for long coated breeds. When you brush and comb the hair of your pet be sure to follow the direction where the coat naturally grows. Usually, for short haired dogs, a rubber brush is needed and then followed by a rubber brush to remove the dead skin and bristle brush to remove the dead hair.Be sure to apply dog shampoo and conditioner to your dog’s coat to make it healthy and shinier. Rinse it thoroughly to remove all shampoo that may be left in the dog’s coat and skin. Let it dry by using a towel and brush it afterward.

Ear Washing: Ear wash is now widely available in pet stores. Other available ears wash for your pet is the medicated ear wash that used to get rid of ear mites. Proper dog grooming also means that you should also pay great attention to your dog’s eyes, teeth, ears, and nails. Set a schedule for their bathing time and make sure that brushing your dog’s teeth will not be forgotten. Depending on how short you cut the claws of your dog, trimming the nails can be done once or twice a month. Take extra precaution when doing your dog’s nails because it can hurt your dog severely if you don’t take extra precaution.

Dog Trimming: A quality scissors should be used in trimming the hair of your pet. Be sure to trim hairs that are located in the eyes, feet, and face.

Nail Clipping: You can either use the guillotine style nail clippers or the plier’s style clippers. Cutting it too short will result in vein injury. The process of nail cutting can be very laborious considering the time spent and the patience required. Also, some dogs like does not like it when you cut their nails or clean their paws. They can be very stubborn, so you need to be very persuasive about this. Take short breaks and give them rewards so they can cooperate more freely. You have to understand that the process of nail-cutting is not a usual routine for your dog that’s why it will require you a lot of patience to make your dog feel comfortable about it.

If you have decided to groom your dog at home, you have to make all the necessary effort to perform these specific activities. Try to make it more fun and exciting so that you and your dog will have a more enjoyable grooming time.

As a final note, dog grooming at home may give you a sense of accomplishment and pride, it may also save you some money and give you more quality time with your dog, but you will certainly need tremendous effort to be successful with it. These are a simple guide on adequately grooming your dog. These are necessary to make the process quicker and even comfortable for your pet.

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