Choosing the Right Dog Stroller

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Choosing The Right Dog Stroller

Dog strollers fill a need that has been around for a long time. There are many compelling reasons to use a dog stroller. These include a specific need of a person, the needs of a dog, or even certain situations.

Why a Human Needs a Dog Stroller

Many times a dog stroller can really help out an elderly person. They may be able to get around just fine, but the chances of a dog pulling them off balance is too big of a risk. The same can be said for people with certain disabilities. A dog on a leash might be too much for them, but one in a stroller is perfectly manageable. Sometimes even perfectly healthy adults, like joggers, need them. Many dogs can’t keep up with a human’s running pace, and so a dog stroller allows them to join the fun.

Why a Dog Needs a Dog Stroller

Older dogs, like older people, sometimes need assistance. At a certain age, they can’t get around as easily as they used to, and a dog stroller allows them to enjoy the outside. Some dogs that have certain injuries or are paralyzed would not be able to go outside without a dog stroller. Often rescue dogs have been abused, and a stroller is a great way to get them outside, but still allow them to feel protected.

Why Certain Situations Call for a Dog Stroller

Taking a dog on a walk using a leash, in the middle of a busy park or urban area, can be extremely challenging, even for a healthy adult, but a stroller is much more manageable in these situations. Bad weather (either hot or cold) can make for a difficult walk for your poor pup’s paws. A stroller protects them from the elements.

Choosing the best Dog Stroller

Here are the best dog strollers around, broken down by category.

Best Stroller for Small Dogs

OxGord 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller

The OxGord 3 stroller is a great choice if you have a small or medium-sized dog. It can support up to 35 pounds and is super-light-weight at 15 pounds. Its cover is made of a mesh material and is escape-proof, so no need to worry about your precious pup getting loose. It’s available in nine different colors as well, so you can pick the color to match your style. With three easy-rolling wheels, it’s a cinch to maneuver.

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Best Stroller for Large Dogs

Pet Gear No-Zip Excursion Pet Stroller

The Pet Gear Excursion stroller is perfect for large dogs. It can easily support dogs up to 100 pounds and is very sturdy. It features a no-zip, push-button entry; you just unlock the door, let the dog in, and lock it again. It features an interior safety tether in case something spooks your pet and it tries to get away. It also features a multi-position handle so you can find the right height to fit you. It comes in six different colors, so choose the color that fits your personality.

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Best Stroller for Joggers

DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller

This DoggyRide stroller is the perfect fit for the active jogger. It’s suitable for small, medium, or large dogs with its 110-pound capacity. It features stainless steel spokes and hubs for a solid ride, and an aluminum frame to keep the weight down. It includes reflective striping on the front and rear to improve safety when you’re out on the road. It even a features water bottle pocket so you can stay hydrated during your jogs, and a spacious rear pouch to store your belongings. A great product for anyone wanting to take their dog with them on their routine jogs.

Best Stroller for Bike Riders

Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer/Jogger

The Aosom Elite II Trailer is a great choice if you want to take your dog with you on your bike rides. Its high weight capacity of 88-pounds ensures all but the largest dogs will easily fit into it. The trailer has a built-in suspension system to make the ride easier and less jarring on your pet. This stroller is also useable as a jogger. Just fold down the front wheel and you’re ready to go. In jogger mode, the handlebar is adjustable to fit you, and it includes a hand brake to let you better control your speed. This is the perfect choice for the active dog owner.

Best Stroller to Splurge 

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Stroller

For those wanting to pamper their favorite pet, the HPZ Pet Rover Premium Stroller is the way to go. Its weight limit of 75-pounds means it can fit small, medium, and even some large dogs. It has anti-vibration suspension and Comfort-Ride wheels to ensure the most comfortable ride for your dog. The interior is convertible in size, meaning you can change the size of the compartment to fit the size or needs of your dog. It features a simple one-handed mechanism for folding and unfolding the stroller. This is a great choice for those wanting to splurge on their pup.

Best Stroller on a Budget

BestPet Posh Pet Stroller

For those on a budget, look no further than the BestPet Posh Stroller. This stroller can carry small to medium sized dogs up to 30-pounds. With plentiful mesh windows, including the side and front, your dog will stay comfortable and have a great view. It folds up easily and doesn’t take up very much room. It also comes in seven different colors so you can grab the right stroller to match your mood. This stroller is a great choice for those not wanting to break the bank.

The Choice Is Yours

When it comes to choosing the right dog stroller, everyone has different pets and different needs in their life. Hopefully one of the above meets the needs for you and your best friend.

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