Extinct Dog Breeds: 8 Extinct Dog Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Extinct Dog Breeds

Extinct Dog Breeds

Dog extinctions may be caused by natural occurrences such as climatic heating or cooling or changes in sea levels. In more modern times, however, human activity has been to blame. Habitat destruction as farming land expands and forests are cut down is the main cause of modern extinctions, along with pollution, the introduction of alien species, and overfishing or hunting. Increasingly, however, climate change is thought to be driving extinctions.

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Dogs have various breeds in which you may never have heard before. Sadly, these dog breeds may no longer exist in the modern world. Dogs tend to disappears out of sight due to people no longer find these dogs fashionable or no longer needed in the household.

8 Extinct Dog Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Talbot existed in medieval times, which ‘Talbot’ used to refer to as an individual hound. This dog was very common in England and originated in Normandy. This type of dog uses as a hunting hound and depicted the animal characterized as mostly small or medium-sized dogs. Though Talbots have extinct, it said to believe that its descendants were still roaming around the Earth. The modern Beagle and Bloodhounds believed to be the ancestors of the Talbots. This breed became extinct in the late eighteenth century.

Salish Wool Dog (aka Woolly Dogs)

Salish Wool dog is what refers today as British Columbia. This dog used to refer to as Comox dog. As the name suggests, the Salish wood dog characterized by its white woolly fur and were small. This extinct breed created by the people of Washington State and British Columbia. With the absence of sheep at that time, people would shear the dog’s coats in early summer to make Salish blankets and other textiles. The fur of the wool dog was very thick and rich in texture.

Kuri Dog

Kuri dog existed in New Zealand where the name Kuri came from the Maori tribes as their ancestors brought the dog breed while migrating from East Polynesia during the 13th century AD. The Kuri dog is one of the oldest breeds to have walked on the Earth and left behind many tales. The Maori tradition believed that the brother-in-law of the Maui transformed into the first dog. Kuri dogs became extinct in the 1860s when the European settlers began to flood into New Zealand. This extinct was due to the fact Kuri dogs could not survive to interbreed with European dogs.

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Thylacine existed in Ancient Greek, which considered as the largest carnivorous known to man as far back as four million years ago. Thylacines were shy and nocturnal in which they share similarities with other animals such as tiger, kangaroo and wolf. It had stripes on the lower back like a tiger, abdominal pouches like a kangaroo and candid features like a wolf. Although the animal did not look like a dog and became extinct for various reasons such as hunting, diseases, the introduction of dogs and the invasion of humans who took over its habitat.

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Cumberland Sheepdog

The Cumberland sheepdog considered as the most favourite dog breed of Lancelot Edward Lowther, the 6th Earl of Lonsdale. This dog existed in the family for more than a hundred years. By the beginning of the 20th century, the breed absorbed by the Border collie. In other words, the latter breed has absorbed the breeds. Cumberland sheepdogs claimed to be one of the ancestors of the Australian shepherd.

Alpine Mastiff

Alpine Mastiff was one of the earliest dogs to attain a gigantic size. The dog originated from Northern Europe before 500 BC and recognized as the ancestor of the St. Bernard breed. This also contributed to the modern Mastiff with pet calming bed for cats. The largest Mastiff may have measured more than 1 m (39 in) at the shoulder and weighing up to 160 kg (350 lbs.) Since the 1970s, attempts made to crossbreed of Saint Bernard, Great Dane and the Bernese mountain dog.

Lapponian Shepherd

Despite popular beliefs, the Lapponian Shepherd did not actually originate from the Lapland region of Finland. However, the people who bred and used them most in the southern regions were from there.

They very closely resemble relatives like the Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky with their wolf-like appearance and their black and white or black and tan coats. Like their relatives, they were also primarily used for pulling sleds.

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Seskar Seal Dog

As the name suggests, these doggies were used to hunt seals in northern European countries like Finland. As seal hunting became less popular, their demand and in turn their breeding drastically reduced. By the mid-20th century, these dogs were extinct.

Breeders later developed the Seskar dog as an ode to the bright and friendly extinct pooch. However, despite their dark coats and spitz-like appearance, the two breeds have nothing else in common.

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