How to Stop Dog Excessive Barking

Dog Backing

How to Stop Dog Excessive Barking

One of the most persistently complained behaviors of a dog is barking. Luckily, how to stop dog barking is something that is easier to accomplish especially if you know how to understand the underlying cause of this particular type of dog behavior problem, and apply strategies to address them.

It’s important to understand that dogs communicate through barking. So they are supposed to bark as the inherent dynamic of their psyche. No one should expect a dog to never bark. That’s as unreasonable as expecting a child to never talk.  However, if your dog barks to a degree that exceeds its duty the noise becomes unnecessary and frustrating. And if ignored, it can get out of hand and might even become uncontrollable, so it’s always good to train your dog to stop dog barking because taking it for granted might make it go to an extent of biting someone or even you. Always try to apply some dog aggressive remedy as soon as you notice that your dog is developing a barking problem.

The important thing here is to stop the problem as soon as you can because if you let it continue, he might develop a habit which might not be easy to stop. Some dogs might not know whether barking is good or wrong since they have lived with it since they were born. So it’s your duty to stop their behavior. A dog can back for many reasons. It can bark when it’s angry. It can bark when it’s excited or even when it’s scared.

There are some ways to stop the barking. One of them is by petting them, it’s your best pet and your duty is to pet them, don’t always discipline them with whips whenever they do little things. Punishing them will not make it become aggressive neither does it stop the barking, in fact it increases the backing behavior out of fear you impact on them. You can always try to scold it a little in a friendly way. Hitting them might worsen the situation but try splashing your dog with little water on the face to stop the barking.

Another thing is that dogs might have anxiety issues, and the barking might likely be a symptom of something much greater. They might want to get to you so they will likely bark until you return. This might be because you have contributed to this behavior in the past. When you get back home and they are excited, you immediately give them attention. This will not stop the barking, it will only reinforce their anxiety. Instead, when you get home you should ignore your dog for as long as 10-15 minutes or maybe longer until they relax. At this moment, you can call them to you. Don’t run to them. They should come to you. This is an important thing because it will establish who the alpha is.

How to Stop Dog Excessive Barking
Dog Excessive Barking

Rewarding your dog with something that you know it love can also be a way of stop the dog barking, everything has a reward, now that you like it barking and you have tried everything and it still don’t stop the barking, reward him with something precious after four seconds or less. You can even try soothing it with enticing words like good dog, don’t bark please, I will always treat you good if you stop barking, in a cool and gentle way while touching his body including the hair or much further to his head. This will make it feel that you don’t like it when it barks.

Another way to stop dog barking is by avoiding separating it with its mom when it’s still young. This is one of the best ways of stopping dog barking. When you take it away from its mom before its 5 months of age, it won’t get the necessary prenatal care from its mom. Just like human being, dog also need parental care this will help to reduce or even stop dog barking.

Dog barking should not be ignored because it can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if the barking results to biting someone when you know you can easily apply some strategies of ending the problem. Try even to buying toys to keep them busy and train them how to play with them. However, don’t overdo it and shift the routing to other tasks like eating or anything that can help them get busy.

Being able to isolate your dogs with anxieties, motivations or needs is a key to achieving what you want. Understand how to control your dog barking early, keep it happy and a quiet pet at the right time.

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