Dealing With Ingrown Nails in Cats and Dogs

How to handle Ingrown Nails in Cats and Dogs

Not a single person would like to be held responsible for not giving proper care to their lovely pet. We want everybody to know that we take great care of our pets. Ingrown nails can be an issue to your dog or cat.

Ingrown nails are not a thing to be neglected. They can seem okay to the pets at the start but would be very painful to the pad if it grows. They can get broken and cause injury in dogs and cats and the trauma caused on the nail bed can lead to a tumor growth on the foot of your lovely pets. You should, therefore, make sure you don’t ignore those nails because they may inflict a lot of damage to your pet. It is of the best interest to visit your veterinarian if you realize and find out that your pet’s nails are growing in awkward angles or nails that have a strange look. It is not an easy job to cut the nails of your pet by yourself for they can be very painful to the animals.


Often this is not necessary, but in other situations, it is done for medical reasons, cosmetic reasons or to prevent the animal from causing damage to the owner’s property.

Ingrown Nails in Cats and Dogs

To check the dog’s nails, first grasp the palm of your hand and see if the nails have grown long. The best indicator of nails that have grown too much is a curved and conical nail. If the nails have long grown in the claw pad, you should cut the nails and remove them from the plate. However, do not clip the screw yet. You have to find a fast one first.

Quick are the blood vessels that work inside the nail. To determine where you should fast, you should take a closer look at the nail. This is the pink color inside the nail. When cutting the nail, be careful not to fast near.

If you do not take time near speed, do not panic. When the nail starts to bleed, place cornstarch in a shallow dish. You should then plunge the claw into a flat corn husk to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding does not stop after about five minutes, contact your veterinarian.

Once the Nam is removed, the perforated area of the claw must be cleaned. The preparation solution consists of half water and half peroxide. You should now clean the area with this solution. If the dog manages to get his claws dirty, the paws need to be washed more than once a day. You should always contact your veterinarian if you notice a defect in your nails.

Medical Reasons. When the claws become too long or become curved, this can cause difficulty in movement, or become ingrown into the pads.

This occurs when the dogs are exercised only in soft ground, in dogs insufficiently exercised, in lightly boned dogs, in old animals with abnormal gaits, eg caused by arthritis, or in those animals with diseased feet, leg or nails, eg a fungal infection of the nail or a broken toe.

Cutting Nails. This should be undertaken with care, preferably by a trained person. When it is the case where the nails are of bright colors then you can probably be able to see the blood vessels. It is important that this is not cut into, as pain and hemorrhage will occur.

There are various types of nail clippers, either of the scissor or guillotine type. They must be sharp and only used for which they are designed.

If the nail is black or dark colored, an estimation must be made of the position of the blood vessel, by applying slight pressure with the cutters to the nail and watching the reaction of the animal. If a pain response is noted, the Clippers should be removed down the claw before the cut is made.

If the blood vessel is cut into, the hemorrhage can be controlled by such substances as ferric chloride solution applied on a cotton bud, or silver nitrate applied as a caustic pencil with care.

Special attention should be made to the dew-claws, which are the claws that do not touch the ground, and thus do not wear down. Because of this, they sometimes require more frequent attention than the main claws.

In cats, the claws are retractable, and it is unnecessary to cut their claws except in very aged animals and in cats that damage furnishings.

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