What are the Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

What are the Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

This world is going full of emotions and dramas. There is something tragic on the news every day, it is becoming quite difficult to keep pace with the fast-changing era of modernization and information technology but amidst all this, a tiny little pet is waiting for you with eyes wide closed waiting for your arrival.

Owning a pet increase the chance of happiness in the sense that an individual can forget about all the worries in life but taking a closer look at their pet. It would be like taking care of a child who is expecting nothing but lots of love and care.

Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

  • There was a study conducted at the State University of New York in 2002 the results of which indicated that people who were accompanied with a pet felt less stress in comparison to when the people were surrounded by a friend, family member, or a spouse.
  • According to one of the studies from Loyola University, people who had been recovering from a surgery may likely need less pain medication when they are using the pet therapy. It is interesting how a pet can create an impact on the recovery of the human health.
  • When a person comes back to a lonely house, there is a pet waiting for him or her for the greetings. It is all about love and thus, there would be a boost in the mood as well. Tired all day from work and seeing the face of a beloved pet can be very uplifting for anyone who owns a pet.
  • There had been studies in the past, which indicate that people who own a pet are likely to socialize more. In fact, when people own a dog they visit the parks, where they can meet many people with their own dogs. It would ultimately lead to socialization when people would be taking their dogs for a walk in the park on daily basis.
  • Research studies in the past have also highlighted the significance of the fact that when people would take their dogs to the park they are more likely to lose weight. When a person is taking their dog to the park this is an activity, which is performing for their pet and otherwise, they might have stayed at home. Taking the pet to the park has thus helped them move. Nowadays, people have a sedentary lifestyle and they are sitting in front of the computers or laptops for hours whether they are in the office or working from home. It is important to have some kind of activity in life and it seems that talking pet to the park can be helpful.
  • Cats are extremely cute and the kittens are the cutest. Many people own cats, which can ease in getting rid of loneliness.
  • Studies have shown that when people own dogs, they are likely to have lower blood pressure level. Dog therapy would be effective in a sense that it would improve the mood of the person and it would decrease the level of anxiety. There is a lot going on around us. Despite the fact that social media is full of happily ever after kind of stories, there could be a lot going behind the closed doors, which people don’t post publically. However, every other day there is news on depression and people suffering and going through an extreme level of anxiety. Under these circumstances, looking at a beautiful dog can take the mind off from the hustle and bustle of life.
  • Health Benefits of Owning a Pet


Final Words

It is important to have meaning in life. Something to look forward to and a pet can be just that and so much more. A pet could be like a family member for some people and for others it can be like a child they never had. Taking care of the pet can boost the mood of some people while for others there can be a positive impact on the overall health, as they would be taking the dog for a walk in the park. It is not just about cats and dogs, in fact, looking at an aquarium, which is full of beautiful fishes can leave a soothing impact on the mind of a person.




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