Dangerous Myths About Heartworms That Can Harm Your Pet

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Dangerous Myths About Heartworms That Can Harm Your Pet

Heartworm is quite a common and fatal disease, which can affect both the cats and dogs. It is, however, easier to prevent but the treatment is quite difficult. It is even difficult to detect the parasites for this disease. The treatment is also very expensive, due to which it is vital to take all the preventive measures. There are, however, various myths associated with the disease, which can make the treatment quite difficult. Given below are some of the myths, which can assist in the process of prevention:

Prevention in Winter

Many people believe that in the cold season they do not need to take preventive measures for their pets, as there are no mosquitoes in winter. Mosquitoes can survive inside the homes even in cold weather, therefore, it is important to be careful no matter what the season is. The American Heartworm Society recommends taking preventive measure all around the year.

Testing Pets for Heartworm Disease

Many people are of the view that they do not need to get the tests done for the heartworm disease on an annual basis. However, an annual checkup can actually save the life of a pet. The greater the time the parasites survive inside the heart of a dog, the greater is the danger for the pet. With the help of early detection, there are better chances of recovery.

Pets Indoor

Many people are of the view that if there cats and dogs are staying indoors there is no need to be scared of catching the heartworm disease as there are no mosquitoes in the house. Mosquitoes are able to enter the house easily, therefore, it is just a myth and preventive measures are necessary even if the pets stay indoors.

Infected Pets Can Infect The Humans

Many people believe that if there or someone’s pet is infected, they can also get the disease. However, as discussed previously the mosquito bites cause the heartworm disease. There is no need to worry if the pets have this disease. They are already going through a lot so ignoring them because of the disease is not a good idea.

Spread Of Infection Among Pets

Many people believe that if their pets have heartworm disease, the infection can spread and affect other pets. However, this is not the case but still, it is a good idea to keep the pets in the house during the treatment period. The main cause of the heartworm disease is the mosquito bite.

Cats Are Safe From The Disease

Many people believe in the myth that cats are safe from the heartworm disease and it is confined to the dogs only. However, this is not the case and there are chances for cats and other pet mammals to get this particular disease. The preventive measures apply equally to all of these pet mammals.

Waiting For The Signs & Symptoms

Many people are of the view that they should wait for the signs and symptoms of the heartworm disease in their pets. However, taking the pet to the Vet for tests can assist in detecting the disease a lot earlier. It is not wise to rely on the signs and symptoms as there is the possibility of infection getting major and the focus of the dog owner is the health of their pets. If the pets get the heartworm disease, the pet owner expects their full recovery. It is important to keep the health of the pets in check in order to avoid any further issues.

Using Natural & Herbal Remedies

Many people rely on the natural and herbal remedies to get rid of the heartworm disease. These remedies might be useful in the prevention and to get rid of the mosquitoes, however, using the medicines, which are FDA approved, should be the focus of the pet owner.

Heartworm Disease Is Confined To Some States

The heartworm disease can affect the pets in all the 50 states of the United States of America. It is not confined to a single or a specific number of states.


Final Thoughts

Pets are the most innocent beings who do not know the art of talking but they do communicate in their own special way. It is important to keep an eye on the health of these precious beings and take the preventive measures in order to keep them safe from this fatal disease.

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