Why is my Cat Vomiting?

Just like other animals, cats are kept as pets, and this means that their health needs to be taken care. When a cat vomits, it can be an indication that the cat is not okay health wise and therefore there needs to be a health intervention. The owner of the cat needs to invest in knowing the problem since it is not a common thing for a cat to vomit. Cat vomiting is not a pleasant thing at all, and it is one that needs immediate intervention, and the owner needs to clean up the cat vomit. Cat vomiting can be significantly devastating, and the underlying cause of the problem is not detected earlier for an intervention, it might lead to the death of such a pet-cat.

Many reasons can be attributable to cat vomiting. One of the most common causes of cat vomit is due to the lodging of hairballs in the cats’ throat. When there is a strand of hair or fur or a hairball in the throat of a cat, the cat will continuously cough until it vomits the last meal that it had eaten. Fur caught up in the throat when grooming can also be a cause of the vomiting of a cat. The reason as to why the cat vomits is to eliminate the offending object from the throat, and once the object has been expelled, the cats stop vomiting. Vomit of cat can be a worry to the owner over the health of the cat if the cats consistently vomit without ceasing.

Further investigation needs to be done when there is persistent vomiting in cats. Pets are fed with their favorite foods. If there has been a recent change in the foods that the cat is supplied with, then this might result to the cat vomiting since it has not been used with the type of food that it is fed. Change of the diet of the cat might cause a reaction in the digestive tract of the cat, and this might trigger vomit to get rid of the foreign foods that have been introduced.

Moreover, when the owner of the cat has introduced a flea collar in the house, beware that this can be irritating to cats and can cause nausea that can last up to two days. During this period the cat might vomit but eventually, this is not long lasting, and the cat will be well with time. In the event of killing rats, rat poison might end up being ingested by cats in the house. The owner should ensure that there is nobody who has put up poison in the attempts to capture mice or rats.

Some pet-cats have access to the outside of the house. Such cats will contaminate themselves easily with irritants that can cause vomiting. Cats that have access to the outside of the house should be ensured that they do not come into contact with snail pellets that are around or within the compound. Cats should be monitored every time they are outside to ensure that their health is not affected by the snail pellets. Furthermore, the sprays that are used in the gardens outside are irritating to cats as they are to humans and they can cause vomiting in cats. Once a cat has accessed any of the causative agents to its vomiting and has started vomiting then the owner should contact a veterinary so that immediate measures can be put in place and ensure that the cat has been treated before it’s too late when the health might have deteriorated.

People who keep cats as pets should understand them and know what is happening to the cat to maintain a high standard of their health. There needs to be a bond between the cat and the owner. When the cat is in a problem, not only will the owner be able to detect this earlier but the cat will be in a position to go to the owner for help. If a cat has been vomiting, then foods should be stopped for about 24 hours, the same way a child can be treated in such a case. Cats that have vomited should be given small amounts of water for the 24 hours. Blant food can then be mixed with the cat food later on conjugated with a close look at the cat to see how they tolerate the foods.

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