What Are The Best Treats For Your Puppy?

Best Treats For Your Puppy

Pets have become part of human existence and are treated in the same manner people are treated. Having a pet provides a company you or your children need and also protects you and your loved ones especially when sleeping soundly or when you are away. When you bring a puppy in your home, you start bonding with him, playing together and also socializing. Just like human beings who want to be appreciated for their good doings, puppies also want you to treat them. If you are not sure about how you can treat your puppy, don’t worry as you have come to the right place where we discuss the best treats for your puppy.

Training treats

When you decide to bring a puppy in your home, one of the things you have in mind is to train him. While some people opt to take him to a professional trainer for training, others opt to train them. Either way, training is important and if you want your puppy to follow your command, treat him anytime he does what is right. Feeding treat reinforces desired behavior on your puppy easily and quickly. However, make sure that the feeding you intend for your puppy is small and can break easily into small pieces in order for you to give him multiple rewards without necessarily adding unwanted calories.

Wellness soft puppy bites

Wellness soft puppy bites are meat full of lamb and salmon. When you understand that puppies are carnivores, treating them with this food will definitely bring them closer to you and also obey your commands based on the treat. Salmon contains omega fatty acids that are good for your puppy as they improve their healthy skin. When taking care of your puppy, one of the things to look at is his coat because irritated skins may lead to infections, but when treating him with wellness soft puppy food, there’s nothing to worry as it takes care of his skin.

Natural balance rewards

Natural balance is food that contains the right nutrients for your puppy. They are specially made from meat and have no wheat or corn. When you realize that your puppy is responding well to your command, treat him with natural balance food and when he does the same next time, you will find him wagging his tail around you waiting for the same treat.

Teething treats

As your puppy grows, he is susceptible to teething which occurs when they are between four to seven months. When they chew, they dislodge baby teeth thus giving a room for adult teeth to erupt through their gums. Teething treats help your puppy through this inescapable transition and keep your items safe because when you fail to provide them with something to chew, they may turn to your items such as furniture and tear them up.

Teething treats include;

  • Frozen marrow bones
  • Nylabones
  • Kongs

Bonding treats

Giving treats can be an excellent way to bond with your puppy. Unlike many people’s expectations, treats must not be foods only. You can opt other ways of treating your puppy such as walking with him along the neighborhood, playing with him, petting him, or running with him through the park. Puppies respond positively to such treats and create a strong and long-lasting bond with you.

Homemade treats

If you want to treat your puppy, you must show your effort by cooking for him. Cooking at home for him is the best thing because you understand what he wants, what he is eating, and where it has come from. Homemade treats are the perfect food for puppies because they are food sensitive and may experience stomach upset from readymade foods.

Human food treats

You can appreciate your puppy by feeding him on human food especially the ones you and your family are eating. The following are homemade treats to give your puppy;

  • Cooked lean meat
  • Vegetables are good low-calorie treats
  • Baby foods from a jar

Final thoughts

If you want your puppy to grow with an amazing experience, learn to treat him. A well-treated puppy is disciplined and obeys all the commands from the owner. If treats are used properly, they prove to be very helpful with teething, training, as well as bonding. Therefore, treat your puppy well and you will establish a lifetime bonding with him, and most importantly, he will be your best friend.

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